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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


After installing the shortened springer forks I found that the thread on the neck was slightly oversize, and it was very difficult to get the nut on there. Even when it was on there it kept requiring great force to screw it on further, so this was no good. I decided to recut the thread, and made some tools to prevent getting the threads crossed. Using a steel bar in the neck as a guide, the new thread went nicely in the existing thread and afterwards I could install the nut with two fingers.


I made a dustcover from a leftover piece of stainless steel, and gave it a quick polish. I guess after cadbike 13 this one will have a lot of shiny bits for a change, haha


As I plan on cutting up these tanks I decided to remove the paint to find out what shape they were in. I srarted with the grinder but soon found there was a lot of filler, so gave them to Aad to blast them in the industrial gritblaster at his work. As expected lots of dents, haha


I got hold of a hydraulic front drumbrake from W&W, and will hide the brake reservoir between the tanks. To be continued....