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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


When I bought the Panhead motor there was a broken piece of bolt in the left crankcase. It was too short to weld to, so I carefully drilled a hole in it hoping to extract it but it would not budge. I ended up installing a Helicoil as the original thread was not that great.


Next job was offsetting the inner primary (as the transmission was also offset to make room for the 170 wide rear tire) I started by machining a spacer from some scrap aluminium, the first try was too thick but after installing and removing the primary several times I had it where I wanted it. I then roughed the visible machined surface by coarse gritblasting so the texture was more similar to the crankcase.


I had a half inch offset insert for the front pully, which was way too much. I made a copy from Delrin that had the same thickness but a less tight fit than the insert so I could quickly figure out the required thickness. After installing the belt, measuring and removing again I had the correct thickness figured out and could machine the metal insert.


I probably will not be using this stock clutch, because they suck haha. Now that the belt and primary are all lined up and installed I can start the next project, which will probably be making an oiltank from scratch.