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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


As I switched from a Shovelhead to a Panhead motor, the belt was hanging too far outside, so I decided to replace the mainshaft and while I was at it the housing as well. In this installment I am reassembling the transmission. All the tolerances have been checked and corrected where necessary.


While aligning the shifter forks I found that the nut holding the rear shifter fork ( for third and fourth gear) had come loose and the fork had already been touching the main gear, good thing I cought that because that could have caused a lot of damage!


When aligning shifter forks you want the main drive to be in the correct position, as it is with a sprocket mounted and the nut tightened. However with the sprocket in place you can't get the shifter fork shaft out, so I made an aluminium spacer to replace the sprocket. This saves some time when aligning the forks.


I found that the shifter forks were also Andrews, not bad! After centering both shifter forks using small shims I could reassemble the top and put the transmission back in the bike. Now I can align the primary belt next, which will not stick out so far anymore.