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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


As I switched from a Shovelhead to a Panhead motor, the belt was hanging too far outside, so I decided to replace the mainshaft and while I was at it the housing as well, although that was not strictly necessary I thought it would look better. I pulled the clutch and removed the front sprocket, and took some "before" measurements.


I like to put all the small parts in baggies, keeping it all organised is quite helpful when the time comes for reassembly ofcourse. I made a little aluminium plug to make sure the puller would not split open the mainshaft, completely stripping the grarbox took about 2 hours.


As you can see the Andrews mainshaft (model 1937-1964) is quite a bit shorter than the newer one, because back then Harleys did not have alternators or electric start. Other than the length they are pretty much identical.


Next job was measuring all the parts to see if all tolerances were in spec. Most was quite good but I had to irder a few small parts. I also discovered there were already some Andrews gears in there, nice! As I write this the parts have arrived so as soon as I find some time I will put the transmission back together!