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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here

I finished the CAD model of the Panhead engine (see rendering above) except for the carb, so now the Panhead can go into the frame for the first time! We modified the seat area of the frame last time, so now I get to see how it all looks together.


Quite happy with the looks, but now the situation is that I have a transmission with a long mainshaft, mounted 9 mm offset to the left, in combination with a Panhead engine which would normally be used in combination with a short transmission mainshaft. Hmmm.


I installed the clutch and already it seems to stick out quite far. I machined a temporary spacer from Delrin to line up the front and rear pulley.


Well, this won't do. I decided to replace the transmission mainshaft for the older style which is 19 mm shorter, so the whole belt will be 19 mm closer to the centerline of the frame. I am going to switch the transmission housing as well, all the other parts of the tranny will be re-used.