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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


After making the drawings and a template it was time to actually modify the frame! We bolted a steel plate on the table and welded the frame to the plate. The axle plates were also fixated in place so nothing could move while we replaced the tubes. We bent the tubes with some extra material on each end so we could trim them to fit


At the axle plates we added some slugs and drilled holes for plugwelds for some extra strength. On the pics below you can see the difference between before and after.


The front of the seat and the oiltank will be narrower, and the whole seat will look much less massive now. The curved bar where the rear fender mounts to will be closer to the wheel, and the battery can be mounted a bit further back.


Aad TIG welded everything, and his welds actually look much better than the factory ones did. Now the frame can go back on the table in my own workshop and soon I will be testfitting the Panhead engine for the first time!