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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


In the previous episode I figured out that the transmission needed to move 9 mm to the left to allow the chain to clear that big rear tire, so I made a CAD design and sent it off to CNC, when it was finished I wasted no time installing it and yes, the chain is straight and clears the tire. I am not shortening the chain yet as the position of the transmission will be clear when the primary belt is installed.


In the meantime I continued putting the Panhead engine in CAD, I scanned the heads and almost finished putting the lower end in CAD. When that is done I can put the real lower end in the real frame.:

There is something about my frame that has been annoying me, there is an extra bend in the seat area that annoys me and the seat area itself, as on most Harleys, is way too big for my taste. A bit of surgery is in order, more about that (in the CAD version first) later this week. I have started with making a bending template for the replacement frame sections


Having changed my plan from a Shovelhead to a Panhead motor, and having moved the transmission 9 mm to the left, the primary belt will require some modifications. I bought a Rivera/Primo 1½" belt drive. The front pully is a 2-piece construction which will make it easier to line up the primary belt. I will probably use a tin primary on this bike. The 2-pieces were not easy to separate, I heated the whole thing up in the oven to soften the Loctite and after the screws were removed I used the lathe to press out the center.