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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here



In the previous episode I added a filler plate between hub and brakedrum so the chain will be able to clear the fatter than stock 160 tire. Next I used a laser pointer to make sure the rear tire was exactly in the center of the frame (and in line with the front wheel). Then I attached the laser to the rear sprocket and projected the red dot on the mainshaft of the transmission. The transmission will need to be offset 9 mm to the left to get the sprockets in line, so I did a CAD drawing of a 9 mm offset transmission plate, which has been CNC machined and is now on it's way to me.


I had been using an empty Shovelhead engine for mockup so far, but after a lot of searching I finally found a Panhead motor for a good price. It is a 1960 and according to the seller freshly rebuilt. I pulled the heads yesterday to take a look inside and it looks like it has not even been started since the rebuild, nice!

While the engine was here, I took the opportunity to laserscan it, so I can make the digital version of this bike as well as the real one..