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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


Ralph mailed me some pics of the spoked rear wheel, nice! In the meantime I removed some unwanted tabs from the frame and completed the ratchet top 4-speed transmission that I will be using, by adding a large clutch bearing (suitable for footclutch and much stronger than the flimsy "modern" bearings. I added a new S&S kickstartcover and a one-piece kicker arm for that classic look. The other 4-speed transmission is also complete and for sale.


Ralph delivered the rear wheel, which is 15" diameter and 4.5"wide with a 170 imitation Firestone. Now begins the challenge of getting everything in line, with the wheel still in the center of the frame. I made some spacers in various thicknesses that fit between hub and brakedrum. These will help in determining the correct mods. Transmission will need to move about 10 mm to the left I think. Next job is making a rear axle and adding chain tensioners, then positioning rear wheel and only then can I take final dimensions for the transmission.