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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


A little bit of progress on Cadbike 56, not much because I have too many projects.. I sorted out all the brake parts and found I almost have enough parts for 2 hydraulic rear brakes. All the best bits will be going on this bike! Also I had already bought a flattop 4-speed transmission for this bike but then thanks to the Wrenchmonkees from Danmark was able to buy a ratchettop which I prefer, thanks! Flattop will be for sale soon.


I sent the rear hub and tire to Ralph the Spokeman, who will arrange a 15"rim, powdercoating and stainless spokes for me. I installed new neck bearings in new cups, using a little aluminium tool that I made to prevent damaging the bearings. To get the cups in the frame I just used a piece of M12 threaded rod and some thick washers. In the meantime my son's Tomos moped was ready so there was a free table, hah!

I dug up some old forklegs from the attic that needed a bit of cleaning up (used to be on Cadbike 1) and mocked up the front end with a 19" wheel from my stash.


The top tree had a set of rubber bushings in there that were completely stuck so I machined a little tool to hammer them out. Then I machined a set of aluminium spacers so I could solid mount one of my wavebars, using a set of Cole Foster grips from my stash.


Already starting to look like a motorcycle! At this stage it could still go in any direction; these forks or a springer or a girder, long forks or short, I have not decided yet,. For the motor I am thinking probably Early Shovel or Panhead, we'll see what comes on my path.

I just heard from Ralph that the wheel and hub are back from powdercoating so I will have a rear wheel soon, which will probably require some frame modifications because it is too wide...