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Project started December 2020,
See the CAD version here


As I still had an early 70's frame with registration papers and a head full of crazy ideas I decided to start a new project. I also have several Shovelhead engines (that all need work) and a 4-speed, a set of adjustabe trees, and lots of wheels and brakes. I might end up getting rid of the late Shovel parts and replacing them with an early Shovel or Panhead, we will see what comes along...


First thing was to bring the frame to VG motorcycles to get it hardtailed using their very nice frame castings. I specified the frame to be slightly lower than stock with 90 mm ground clearance, and also suitable for a slightly wider than stock rear wheel with hydraulic drumbrake. I had a 67-72 style rear wheel which was spoked off-center with a 200 tire, I will only be using the hub and brake of this. I intend to use a 15" rear wheel which I want to have centered in the frame and maybe with this 15" Firestone replica tire.


I know that will normaly not fit, so I started by taking the hub and brake apart and laserscanning all parts and putting them in CAD. This will help me figure out how to get this all lined up the way I want it.


I machined a quick and dirty special tool to take the hub apart, it had the wrong bearings so that will also be sorted out. In the meantime I have picked up my frame which is now a hardtail and am busy scanning and CAD modeling that as well.