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Harry's pipes


After wasting a lot of time by using leftover exhaust parts of slightly different diameters on my own pipes, we decided to do it right this time and bought a bag full of brandnew stainless bends (48.3 x 1.5 mm) and a few meters of stainless pipe in the same diameter. It's a bit like a puzzle, first we built up the start sections by holding the pipe segments in position, marking them and tackwelding each section. When all the pieces have been tacked in place and we are happy with the result, we will fully weld and finish the pipes.


Both pipes will exit to the left of the bike, joining together above the primary belt in a large oval pipe that will turn up and out between the pulley's. We first wanted to make 2 separate pipes but there was just not enough room. To make the pipes removable we made 2 joints where the pipe sections slide together.

Don't ask what Aad is doing in the last picture, he must have been drinking some strong stuff.....