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After a busy period I finally found some time to do some work on one of my
own bikes. The front of the horseshoe oiltank was interfering with the frame
in the area under the seat hinge so I modified the frame a little bit to make more
room. I spraycanned the oiltank with primer (temporary) to keep it from rusting
and hung it in place using bungee cords.


I used metal strips between oiltank and frame to make sure I would get
even gaps, and then tacked the front mounts in place. To make the rear mounts
I had to remove the rear wheel to get better access. The rear bracket will be
held in place by the 2 bolts that mount the rear fender.


The ugly bits of plate that are welded to the frame (used to be the rear fendermount)
will need to be ground away and smoothed, and since I have the rear wheel out now,
I guess that will be the next job. Oh, and also the filler cap ofcourse...