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Project 13 has been standing still completely since March, it's about time I
got back to work on it! One of the last things I needed to do was find a place
for the battery and then do the wiring. Everywhere I tried the battery it looked ugly,
so I decided to try a horseshoe oiltank. In the pictures above is an old oiltank I
borrowed to try for size. It did not fit at all so now we will make a new one....
As a starting point I put the above oiltank in CAD, and assembled it in Cadbike #13:

(By the way, this is the version of Cadbike 13 I want after I get it registered, shhhh)
Taking into account all the things I wanted different on my horseshoe, I made a
new version in CAD. Next week I will figure out the mounting and connections
and then I will show you how this will help me make the oiltank in real steel.

To be continued...