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While waiting for the gearbox we continued work on the tank, Aad welded in the replacement panel with TIG. After welding, we used the shrinking disk to smooth out the last little bumps around the welds, unfortunately I don't have any good pics of this part. The shrinking disk is a metal disk that goes in the angle grinder; because it is hard and flat it only touched the higher spots on the tank, these got very hot and then we used a cold water spray to quickly cool them causing them to shrink. After repeating this a few dozen times the tank was pretty smooth, the advantage of this procedure is that no metal is removed and the metal thickness stays the same.


Later this week the gearbox returned, Supercycles had done there magic on it with a little modification they do after which they guarantee it will no longer leak. More info about this later when I get the pics. Thanks to Paul Funk for arranging this and ofcourse to Supercycles for helping me on such short notice!!