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1] Easy belt removal:

On my 3" Primo primary belt, I removed the edge of the front pully and replaced it with a homemade edge that can be removed by unscrewing 8 small screws, this way I can leave the front pully on the engine while removing the belt

2] Easy adjustments:

Instead of searching for the correct wrench to rotate the engine, I welded a
socket with 1/2" connection to the crankshaft nut. The removable edge from tip 1] makes sure that the crank- shaft nut can not vibrate loose.
Now I can easily rotate the engine to adjust ignition and/or valves!

3] Belt covers:

There are a lot of big, complicated and expensive beltcovers for sale, actually the two places most likely to chew off a finger or toe are the area's I marked with a hand, the belt cover I made was
cut out of 1mm aluminum plate and works fine. Some of the belt covers that are for sale lately stick out so far they will actually decrease the lean angle of the bike, in the best case scraping the ground and in the worst case causing you to crash....

4] Clutch:

I use a Competitor clutch with twice the number of friction plates of a stock clutch. No longer available, although Bandit and Barnett now make similar clutches. It is a noisy clutch but extremely effective!