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Wake up!
Tiki Bar
Kickstarters rule!
Duckman & Nicoline. When Two Worlds Collide.

In the pieces "Wake Up", Nortellje, Tikibar and " Kickstarters Rule!" two disciplines are melted together as one. The immaculate calculated technical CAD drawings of Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak are brought to life by the warmth and humour of Nicoline Heemskerk's brushes. She blends the high tech computer print-outs on canvas with her old school oil painting technique to form truly unique pieces.

Mark has been drawing bikes for as long as he can remember, and ten years ago he swapped his pen for a computer. He is drawing with Pro/ Engineer Cad software and designing truly original motorcycle parts (Crime Scene Choppers) and motorbikes (he has designed 38 Cadbikes so far), such as the award winning Cadbike 31.

This bike that won prizes at AMD’s European championship in Mainz and the prestigiousScandinavian bike show in Nortellje was brought to reality in steel and aluminum bymasterbuilder Aad Heemskerk.Here is where Aad's wife Nicoline who painted the pin ups onCadbike 31 steps in. As an art school graduated professional artist with already severalmotorcycle related paintings (like "Gasoline" and “Shine Baby, Shine!" ) to her name,
it was only a matter of time before these two exceptional artists would collaborate.

Both are riding bikes themselves, Mark for 25 years and Nicoline for 12 years. They are happy to be involved in the One World Choppers show and see their work exhibited in the USA,as both were heavily influenced by the American Hot Rod culture, and feel now that their interpretation of this culture is shown in the country of its origin the circle is round again.

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Text: Paul Funk

Our work in Sturgis 2007,
at Michael Lichters "One World Choppers" exhibition

Prints will be available soon, next exhibition Bigtwin Expo (Motorsale) in the Netherlands