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Because of the crazy Corona rules it was pretty much impossible for us to travel from Holland to the Uk for the Tripout. Real bummer, but since a bunch of us had already taken the weekend off, we decided to do a bit of Road Tripping instead, a Trip-in!
On Friday morning Adele and me first rode to Waspik together where we would meet up with Eric, Herman and Bart. Kustom Bart had the cool Dodge van which might come in handy when roadtripping with old bikes, haha. The next stop was at Camping de Hei in North Limburg, I had never been there before, really nice place!
We set up camp and went to the bar where we had a great meal and way too much drinks with old and new friends, good times!
On Saturday morning we decided to head to the "High Chaparral" camping in Luxembourg, so after a good breakfast we packed up and left. About halfway there we found the main road was closed and the detour signs pointed us towards Namur. According to the Garmin navigation we were getting further and further from our destination so at the next gasstation we decided to leave the highway and take the small roads to High Chaparral. Eric found that his exhaust had burned a hole through his bag, sleeping bag and air mattress, bummer! Not the first time this happened, haha.. After a lot of pretty but very bumpy roads we arrived!
We were supposed to meet up with some more friends at the beautifull High Chaparral, unfortunately Rene's Panhead snapped the primary belt when he was halfway there, so he didn't make it..
We had a good meal Saturday night on High Chaparral's huge outside terrace and Bibi and her friend who were camping in the neighbourhood joined us for drinks, another good party although we were a bit slower with the drinks than Friday night, haha
Sunday mornning we decided to keep going as we all had taken the Monday off from work, so after some phonecalls found a new destination, Boeles Place in WesterWald, Germany.
This turned out to be the best bit of the whole trip, spectacular scenery and unlike Belgium, very good roads both in Luxembourg and Germany. Ofcourse we avoided the highways so we could enjoy the twisty roads. So far the bikes had held up well, although I had a leaking floatbowl which was easily fixed, and had to tighten my chain a notch while we had stopped for burgers, as it was hitting the chainguard which made an annoying sound.
40 km before arriving at our destination Eric lost his chain, he managed to retreive it from the highway but nobody had a masterlink. A local guy stopped and told us there was a bikeshop nearby that could help us, but as it was Sunday evening they were closed. We decided to put the bike in the van and go get a masterlink the next morning.
Boeles was great, I had never been in a motorcycle hotel before, you can park your bike in the enormous cellar which is locked at night and sleep in a real bed, yippie! Great dinner and breakfast, very friendly people, we will definitely be returning here more often! Some friends in Essen invited us to drop by on Monday, so we went in search of a masterlink the next morning, Eric ended up buying a complete new chain, and then on to Essen
In Essen we got lost because several streets were closed due to construction and the navigation kept sending us in circles, so we called Florian and he came to the rescue with his brutal Chevy Nova, and led us to their house. After having coffee and snacks with Florian and Nadine ( a couple we met years ago on the way to the Tripout) we steered back towards Holland. It was just a long weekend but it felt like we had been away much longer, great fun and something we should do more often!