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Modified Harley

Stock Evo or later frame and stock Evo or later (including Screamin' Eagle / JIMS) engine cases. The stock frame/Harley platform geometry must be maintained; the only modifications allowed are weld smoothing and other moldings and sheet metal additions, tab and or bracket relocation or removal and arising smoothings/moldings (such as exhaust bracket relocation for example). Swingarm/rear-end changes, of any kind, including replacement swingarms, are permitted; fat or skinny rear end conversions are permitted; as is frame or rear-end lowering or raising - provided the basic stock frame geometry is unchanged. Case internals can be replaced, along with cylinders, heads and internals. Turbo chargers, super chargers, NOS kits etc are permitted. Frames and cases can be from two different Harley-Davidsons.

1st place,
One Way Machine (Germany)

2nd place,
Hot Dreams Barcelona (Spain)

3rd place,
Thunderbike (Germany)

Street Performance

A class designed to showcase customs where the primary intention of the customiser is to improve the street-use performance of a motorcycle, and showcase the customiser's streetable performance engineering, tuning and handling skills and techniques. Open to all or any kind of motorcycle, of any platform or drivetrain, air-cooled or liquid-cooled (or even alternative energy). Open to 'metric', Whitworth/AF, and SAE measure bikes. Open to all kinds of performance engineering and enhancement/tuning techniques, including super charging, turbo charging, NOS, fuel injection etc
1st place,
Riverside Motocyclettes (France)

2nd place,
Sapka Muvek (Hungary)


3rd place,
Lobo 3
Lobo Motive (Spain)

Retro / Modified

Any modified bike, with any drive train on any chassis configuration manufactured prior to 1984. Must be based on a pre-1984 engine, and styled to have the appearance of a motorcycle manufactured prior to 1984. Use of some contemporary parts/design elements is permitted.
1st place,
Nimbus 4
TMT moto (Czech Republic)
2nd place,
The Lucky Cat Garage (France)

3rd place,
Abnormal Cycles (Italy)

Cafe Racer
1st place,
750 CR
Crazy Racers (France)
2nd place,
Madiba Benelli 600 Sport
Inglourious Basterds Cycles (Italy)

3rd place,
BMW R100/7 Cafe Racer
Kingston Custom (Germany)