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While on vacation on Maui I looked up Willy, aka 2loose, whose work I had been following on the Jockey Journal. Willy is 71 years old and still actively building cool bikes and cars and even dragracing.

We visited Willy at his house first, which by the way he had also built himself, where in front of the door was parked his '58 Pro-Street Chevy pickup. He races this thing on the dragstrip but it is is also fully street legal!
The next car we saw on the driveway, was Willy's '55 Chevy pickup that he had converted to 4x4 with an '70 Oldsmobile 455 engine out of a Toronado, and Ford axles. The bed has been widened 6" and the rear fenders 2" each. Also street legal!
The car that Willy was working on when we arrived was this '55 Chevy gasser, which Willy started building after seeing the movie "2 lane blacktop". Believe it or not, this one is also street legal and Willy drives it over to the dragstrip when he is racing except when the roads are wet (because of the slicks)

Click the above pic to hear the gasser running

This is the project that originally caught my attention on the JJ; a '59 panhead in a Strociek frame that is going to be fitted with a Jerry Magnuson Roots-style Blower, sweet!
Willy asked if we wanted to see more, ofcourse we did! He told us to follow him, which we did in our brand new rented Dodge Charger which had a hard time keeping up with the '55 pickup. He took us to an old farmbuilding which was now the headquarters/mancave of Old Dudes Maui. He introduced us to another "Old Dude" who was also called Willy, and they showed us all the projects they were working on:

Click the above pic to hear this monster running

It seemed like these Old Dudes were not letting their age interfere with there having fun at all! We really enjoyed meeting these guys and left feeling inspired and a little bit jealous, coolest old dudes I ever met!