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We had our stand right at the entrance
A cool Mooneyes bike and Hotrod
Philip's Shovel, built in 3 1/2 weeks
This ultra-long Indian won "Best of Show"
and 1st place in the Choppers
2nd place Choppers, Green flaked
Blingbling Pan with Crime Scene parts
3rd place Choppers,
a really nice Honda
1st place Oldskool, by Red Baron
incredible details!
2nd place Oldskool, Robin's Pan,
one of my favourites
3rd place Oldskool, a Sportster
all the way from Russia
1st place Custom,
not really my cup of tea...
2nd place Custom, now this one
looks like fun to ride!!
3rd place Custom, a Yamaha chop that
was built for a very low budget, cool!
1st place Freestyle, Andy's Pan
Flying Choppers Finland
2nd place Freestyle, an ultra-wild
Norton from Great Britain
3rd place freestyle, Vav-tuning
Andy, me, Uncle Henry & Aad