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Crime Scene Choppers

  Jeremy, Alan, me and Aad

After visiting the Bobber Shop, we drove up the old highway one towards Santa Cruz. A beautiful drive but better done by daylight. We got as far as Monterey where we checked into a motel. The next day we had breakfast in Santa Cruz with Jeremy from Proper Choppers with his partner, Joe from Crime Scene Choppers with his son Kolya and Alan Sputhe with his wife.


At CrimeSceneChoppers we spent the last weekend of our USA trip, we had a great time. Joe had bought a little Sportster and during a barbecue with a whole group of friends the Sporty got lowered and we built new handlebars and started on a fueltank.


I made a quick design and some cardboard templates and soon everyone was hammering, cutting, grinding and welding. Ron Covell stopped by and made one of the sides of the tank, he makes it look so easy!

me on the Sportster 

We really enjoyed the atmosphere of working together and joking around, good food and cold beer. A fitting end to our USA adventure, we look forward to our next visit.

Ron Covell, Alan Sputhe and me 
  Ron Covell and Aad
the master at work!