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Chica in Huntington Beach


After our visit to Kiwi Indian we drove to Huntington Beach, where we checked into a motel. The next morning after breakfast and after checking out the huge beach, we went to visit Chica. Aad and me are both fans of Chica's work, and Chica likes to use the parts I designed for Crime Scene Choppers, so we figured we would go and take a look. .


We were impressed, there were a lot of bikes both finished and unfinished, and each and every one of them had lots of interesting details and hand fabricated parts.


Chica has a very unique style and is as much an artist as a bike builder. Check out those sculpted rocker boxes or the wild sheetmetal parts on his creations, amazing!


Although it was obvious that he was very busy, Chica took the time to show us the shop and some of his recent creations. Thank you Chica, we really enjoyed the tour!