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Kiwi Indian in Los Angeles


After four days in Las Vegas, we said goodbye to Fred Kugger and Bertrand Dubet who would be heading back to Europe the next day. Aad and me drove across the Mojave Desert towards Riverside, near Los Angeles, where the first stop would be at Mike's shop; Kiwi Indian. (Check out their work at )


At Kiwi Indian they manufacture complete new Indian Chief engines, leaf spring front forks and much more. As a matter-of-fact they build both a replica of the Indian Chief and a really nice bobber version.


Mike gave us a tour of the facilities and even let me take the Chief bobber for a spin in the parking lot. The foot -clutch on an Indian works exactly opposite from the foot clutch on my Harley Davidson, to make matters worse the throttle on an Indian is operated with the left hand........ that took some getting used to!


Mike suggested we go get dinner somewhere so he took his black Indian Chief with sidecar and we followed him through town with our rental car, Mike was going around corners on two wheels and we were surprised and impressed by the speed of the Chief!