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California Trip Part 6:
Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon, our last day in America....We were expected at the Arlen Ness facility in Dublin where we had lunch with Cory and visited the Ness museum. Very cool to finally see the bikes I saw in magazines many years ago in real life. I really like Arlen's older stuff where he used blowers, turbo's, wild carb setup's.... Personally I don't much care for the flashy paint jobs, goldplating and engraving but there is no denying that his bikes were an inspiration for me and many others. There must have been hundreds of bikes at the Ness facility, very impressive!

Me and Alan Sputhe

At the end of the afternoon we did not want to return to the hotel yet so we drove to San Fransisco and spent a few hours looking around, hard to believe the next day we would be on the plane back to cold and rainy Holland.....


All pics by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,