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California Trip Part 5:
Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning, our last day in America....We were picked up at 8 in the morning by Brian who wanted to show us something cool he said. Well, it was definitely worth it! We felt like little kids in a toystore between so much classic American iron. In Holland a 10 year old car has more rust than these beauties. To us European guys a place like this is absolutely magical, we just don't have places like this over here.

In the middle of this collection of beauties there is a big barn where Brian and some friends plan to spend the next 200 years restoring all those beauties.. They also had some really cool dragsters ! The flat black one in the truck has 650 horsepower and ofcourse they had to start it in the truck! Yeeeeeeeeeeha!

Me and Alan Sputhe

The Ferrari and dragsters are owned by Mike, who has a few scrapyards. The raceteam is called Scrappers Racing. This was just the morning of our last day, for lunch we went to Arlen Ness in Dublin, more pics next week...


All pics by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,