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California Trip Part 3:
Saturday & Sunday

On Saturday the top 10 freestyle bikes were announced in no particular order. The 10 bikes were lined up outside for pictures, along with the bikes from the OEM class and the HR3 class.
One by one the nominated bikes had to ride into the main tent and up onto the stage where the builders were interviewed, then we had to wait untill the top 3 were announced
1st place: Roger Goldammer
2nd place: Independant Cycles
3rd place: Krugger!
Me and Alan Sputhe
The very cool satin orange pickup was called the "Calabaza" and the owner had built it in his backyard

The bike in the pictures above was built by Richard Sansone, definitely one of my favourites! No paint, trick suspension, even tricker blinkers that come out of the ends of the handlebars and disappear when switched off!


All pics by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,