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California Trip Part 1: Thursday

Fred "Krugger" Bertrand had won second place in the European Custom Bike Building Championship in March and the prize was a trip to the World Championship at Custom Chrome headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. Fred invited me to come with him so we took the Thalys (200 mph train) to Paris and from there we flew 11 hours to San Fransisco. We rented a 2005 Dodge Dakota at the airport and drove to Morgan Hill. After we had dumped our luggage at the hotel we went to CCI to see if Fred's bike had arrived safely and to check out the show.
Vegas Bike by
Central Coast Cycles
Punk Ass Bitch by
Lots of bikes with blowers, cool!
Independant Cycle
Fueling W3 powered bike, awesome!
Fred's "Hotclimbing" bike
Chica's "Brass Knuckle" and "Trick", both very cool bikes parked in the CCI building but not competing in the World Championship.
Roger Goldammer and his boardtracker,
a really nice guy and a really cool bike

After we had taken a quick look at the show, where only about a quarter of the contestants had arrived yet, we drove to Salinas to visit Cole Foster at Salinas Boyz. Both Fred and me really admire Cole's work and we just had to meet this guy. Cole had just finished a Biker Buildoff against Hank Young, I took lot's of pictures of his new bike but cannot show them to you untill January or Cole will get in trouble with Discovery Channel. It will be worth the wait, I promise you! We enjoyed the afternoon talking cars and bikes with the guys, and after we all went to Taco Bell's together.

This car is for Metallica's Kirk Hammett


All pics by Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak