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    Coooool! Zero-copy  Aad & Harry

This weekend Harry, Aad and me were at the Rogues' Choppershow in Hoorn to promote my CAD design work and ofcourse the Weber IDF carb setup we make. My bike was finished just in time for the show (although the paint was barely dry...) and Harry's bike was shown as a work in progress.


Because a lot of people seem to think that Weber carbs are complicated or hard to start, I demonstrated starting my own bike with one kick (okay, sometimes 2) every 15 minutes during the entire day, and it never let me down! The instant throttle response and the smooth idle convinced a lot of people that this setup does more than just look cool.


We arrived the day before the show to setup the stand, and Manny (one of the Rogues) suggested we sleep at his place after a good meal and a party at the clubhouse. The Rogues are a club that has a reputation of being a real bikebuilders club, and in my personal top 10 of cool bikes at the show, at least 8 were Rogues bikes. Thanks for a great weekend guys!