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VEON Part 1

Veon Motorcycles Premieres Radical Adjustable Motorcycle Concept

Back in 2006 I was approached by Norwegian robotics engineer Peer Toftner, founder of
Veon Motorcycles, to be a partner in the engineering of a motorcycle that could morph from cruiser to racer.

Peer had already started working on the idea and had even patented it already. Brainstorming together we decided to make rake, trail, wheelbase, ground clearance and sitting position adjustable while riding. Quite a challenge!

I did the CAD design & engineering for the adjustable frame mechanism and Fred Krugger built the first prototype and designed the sheetmetal, pipes and dual footcontrols. At this moment the bike is in Sturgis competing in the AMD World Championship of Custombike building, more news as soon as possible!

The Veon adjustability functionality is unique in that it alters several vehicle geometry
parameters, all corresponding to the range of configurations from the custom cruiser
mode, via upright/classic/touring, to the sport/racing mode.