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Last weekend was the premiere of the latest bike by Gard Hollinger
(L.A.County Choprods), at the "Artistry in Iron" show at Las Vegas Bikeweek.

I was asked by Gard Hollinger to do the CAD work for seat and tanks and a
few other parts, as the seat and tanks were to be machined from solid aluminum.

Gard and his mystery customer actually came to the Netherlands for a week to
be a part of the design process, and allthough I was the one pushing the mouse,
they both were there to tell me how they wanted the parts to look and to choose
between the countless alternatives I made for each part. We also experimented
a lot with colors and finishes. The CAD files I created of seat and tank were used
as input for the CNC machines, which were actually in the USA and Canada.

Ofcourse I went to Vegas to see the finished bike, and I think it turned out great!

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