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From Motorrad magazine May 1988

Red Porsche Killer

Built for a bet in 1988, this bike has 4 1955 Horex engines!
Roger Feldmann alias Werner is a very popular comic-book character in Germany.

(2 July: check out Werners Website, World Wide Werner)

The comic books are about the crazy adventures of Werner and his friends,
so the characters are based on real people, who in this case got very drunk
one night and made a bet with a guy called Holgi that they could build a Horex
that would beat Holgi's Red 911 Porsche in a dragrace.....

The winner would receive 100 cases of Flensburger beer,
while the loser would have catshit thrown at him!

I am very curious who won, so if anyone knows
please mail me so I can complete this story!

(9 July: I finally found out how the story ends,from Maddin from Germany;
scroll down to the bottom of the page and read all about it.)

Technical stuff:
  • 1955 Horex cases, reinforced wiyh a pound of aluminium each.
  • New homemade cylinders with 86mm bore instead of stock 74.5mm
  • Stroke reduced from 91.5mm to 86mm
  • Horex Regina heads with dual plugs and large Guzzi valves
  • Dellorto 40mm carbs
  • Modified Piranha ignition
  • Custom-made camshafts by Staschel
  • Harley 4-speed Gearbox, 85mm belt-drive
  • Ceriani forks (38mm) with homemade trees
  • Homemade frame and seat

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Built by Werner alias "Brösel" alias Rötger Feldmann
and Ölfüß alias Wolfgang Ußleber.

Hi Duckman!
I really love your pages, I look there very often. Answering your question, how the story goes in the comic-book and in reality. Here we go:

In the story no one wins, because Holgi's Mechanic forgot to put oil into the gearbox, so he crashed his motor and spread the parts all over the highway.

One of the old Hippies, who should help the makers of the race keeping the dragrace safe, opened his truck by accident and all the bales of straw (for saving the bends) fell onto the highway, so Werner came along and crashed into them.

Finally no one wins and both, Holgi and Werner, had to get up the tower and let themselves thrown with catshit. But the catshitthrowingmachine broke down and spread the well-smelling and hardly collected shit all over the spectators. Haha!

This story was really funny, "bikerish" and popular, so they started to build up the "Red Porsche Killer" in reality. The resonance on this was great, so they decided to make the whole story become true.

Finally they got a little airport as a dragstrip and roundabout 200.000 (!) bikers, car-fans and comic-freaks went to Hartenholm in August '88 (me, too) to see that crazy thing happen. 3 days of drinking, drinking and drinking, music-listening (Roger Chapman, BAP (well known german band) and others, made the whole thing a crazy event.

The race itself started on Sunday morning, sad but true the Porsche has won, because Rotger Feldmann, who rode the "Killer", started in the second gear and when he was in the last, he always tried to get the next gear in (instead of blowing the shit out of that great bike). Yep, that's it. Famous stories bout bikes, screwing on them, drinking beer and meeting friends is the whole thing the Werner-Comics were all about. Good fun. I prefer the "older" stories, they are more from the people's mouth. The older stories are (more or less) true stories.

Every biker finds similarities in the books, e.g. trouble with dumb policemen and the German TUV-Approval (who had not?)

I hope you can use my information (my English might be a bit "quaint") Greetings from Erlangen/Germany,

yours, Maddin