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Two wheel drive V-twin

This bike was built in 1934, based on a
90 horsepower 1370 cc methanol-burning
JAP engine by Bertold Ericsson
As you can see it has a very clever
two-wheel drive system!

pictures from MCM magazine

rex_4.gif - 20,95 K
rex_5.gif - 16,75 K rex_6.gif - 20,18 K

It seems that a certain Ian Drysdale from Australia (ofcourse..)
went one step further and built a bike with 2 wheel drive and
2-wheel steering! Too bad he didn't stick a big V-twin in there;
woulda made a 2x2x2x2........By the way, his latest project is
a V8 motorcycle that actually looks like a motorcycle, cool stuff!

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