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Comments by Robbie

The vintage styled NSU has a 1100cc NSU Prinz engine which is standard apart from a SU carb of a Datsun, homemade frame and girders and bars etc and pipes by me, the tank is Vellocette i think?,very old, this contains the fuel and the battery in the other side, the vintage NSU was recently featured in BigTwin magazine and was featured in BSH.

Comments by Robbie:

The supercharged NSU has a 1200cc NSU Prinz air cooled 4 cyl motor with a low compression ratio (8.1) running a 3" belt drive. The Eaton charger is under driven slightly, the carb is a 40 Weber with stainless steel manifolds I made ,I made the frame and yokes and bars ,and the tank is stainless steel, the box is plunger A10 BSA with a Norton AMC clutch everything hand made by myself. The supercharged NSU will be at Pequencourt I hope next year

Looks like Robbie is building something even wilder here!
For more news about his stuff, check out his blog at
Fumes 'n Gears


This is what a NSU Prinz looks like by the way.