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Hello Mark,
I am Horst Heiler, freelancer from Germany. I write for Magazines like »Harley Davidson DREAM MACHINES«, »BIKERS Live« (German Custombike Mags) and a little bit for AWOL, BSH and Kopteri. In BSH I found an article about your website. Now I am on your site as often as possible. Your work is unbelievable! I will have my own website soon. Is it possible to take a banner from your website and put it on my page as a Link starter to DBBP.Com? What about the giv’s? I need also some information about you and cadbike images (in highest resolution for printing) to make an article in one of the German magazines? May some of my wishes come true? Best regards Horst Heiler

The NSU was built in 1985 with a plunger type NSU-Konsul frame and 500cc Bottom End. First the Top End was from an pre war NSU-OSL with open valve-springs. Than I switched to a 350cc Bottom End, stroked it and bored it out for using a Shovel piston. For connecting with a modified head from a HD-Shovel, I machined an aluminium barrel with cast iron liner. The frame was altered with a hand made box section swing arm. Front end is shaved BMW / 7 with 2 inch over Krauser »traveller« stanchions and 5° raked alloy triple trees. The engine change happened in 1990. Several handlebars and a shorter front end later, I decided to go backwards and back to the long forks but change the top tree to a design, were I can clamp the old style flanders replica risers directly on. Next step offcourse, will be a long stainless steel Sissybar.

Regards Horst