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Hi Mr Moore, Fred (Krugger) forwarded your mail to me
and I must compliment you on your excellent work!
Hard to say which one is coolest but you have a
very good eye for lines and proportions.
The flathead looks promising too, I love flatheads...
Cheers mate, Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Glowing Dolphin  Glowing Dolphin

Hi Duckman, nice to hear from you and Fred said
that you were also in Zodiac show in Rosmalen but
we didnīt meet, hopefully I have better luck next time.
I do know your internet site and I do love it.
I have also found my "The Glowing Dolphin" panhead
over there and many of my friends bikes too, thatīs cool.
Pictures you got from Fred, can be used, if you like them
and I can send you in near future few more project pictures
about different projects I have here under construction.
Have a nice one, Mika
Mr Moore Custom Craft

PS. Mr Moore site is coming soon...


This is Mr Moore's Viridian, the most beautifull
bike I have seen this year! Duckman.