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Some of the first sketches I did for Fred when he was describing
his next project to me, Fred seemed to know exactly what he
wanted and kept telling me what to change untill the CAD version
was the way he wanted it. The CAD-drawings I made were used to
convince sponsors W&W and Performance Machine,
and as I write this the bike is already finished and was
shown to the public at the CCI show in Germany.

Fred won second place and won a ticket for him and his bike to come to the CCI show in California, I will show you the pics of the buildup in the next few weeks.


The build begins:


Fred modified the springer from leading link to trailing link, a trick
that old Harley hillclimbers used. (see the 2 black and white pics
at the top of this page) Indian also used a trailing link system
in their leafspring forks before that.
Fred used a Sportster front
fender on the back of his homemade frame that also serves as the oiltank