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Hello Duckman,

I know your site is 99% H.D., however since you're recently including pics of your XS, I thought I'd send you pics of one of the coolest 650 bobbers on the planet. You're welcome to use them on your site. The bike was built by and belongs to one of my best friends and our shop used to be listed on DBBP, i.e.
Out There Kustom Shop, Brooksville, FL

Some of the parts utilized in the build were: headlight / spotlight from a 1953 Mack Fire truck, oil bag / electronics container from the same truck, controls fabricated from antique “S” wrenches, taillight (salvaged clearance light) from a G.M.C. school bus, modified bars and internal throttle from a Harley Servi-car, modified “Hurst” jockey shifter, custom single control foot brake and foot clutch with pads from a Model “A” Ford, one off custom exhaust, hand built rigid frame, rear fender made from a Model “A” spare tire band, custom license plate made from three others,… way too much to list here. The bike has been in at least 10 mags (4 National, two in Europe) and still draws attention most anywhere it goes.

Have a good one and keep up the great work!

Thanks, Bill