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Photo's sent by owner

Ronny's Union Hammer, a 1700cc early-shovel.
This ultra-cool machine uses "knovelhead" valve-covers

Ronny mailed me these pics, because he saw a resemblance with his bike and my Cadbike # 4, I must admit they do look alike!

The motor in this bike is 1700 cc, with House of Horsepower cases, Axtell cylinders, Branch Flowmetrics heads, Redshift cam, Crane ignition and I really like that 48mm Weber carb! Check out those homemade stainless steel pipes!

The aluminum swingarm is a stretched Wiwo, with hidden ISR brake caliper.

The front fork is a 10" overstock Tolle. Both wheels have stainless steel spokes between aluminum hubs and rims.

Black paint, stainless steel and aluminum;
this bike is just about perfect!

The same bike has now been rebuilt as a hardtail, very well done
but not as agressive and mean looking as the swingarm version.

And yes, it is a shovelhead, fitted with aftermarket
knucklehead- look valvecovers made in Germany.