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As we all know by now, the winner of this year's world championships in Las Vegas was Roger Goldammer. Again. The bike he built is called Trouble and uses a single cylinder engine with a Rotrex supercharger.


Roger sent me some pictures of the bike before paint, and if you look at these pictures you will see that he did not need a lot of filler because the sheetmetal work is flawless! The rear wheel is 23 inches in diameter, the front wheel is 21 in.


The front forks are also a work of art, Roger hid the shock absorber and spring inside the neck of the frame and it is hard to see how the forks were assembled because all the fasteners have been cleverly hidden. Truly the work of a Champion!

Glowing Dolphin  Glowing Dolphin

After a whole year of being world champion, Roger has managed to keep both feet on the ground and will continue to represent the bikebuilding community in his modest and professional style, well done Roger!