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Paul's Perfect Twin Project


Paul Funk came to show the last modifications on his
Perfect Twin Project bike, before he takes it into the
show at Rosmalen to see more of the special stuff
he did to this bike. Check his very informative site


Reinforced and redesigned customized crank cases,
Engine totally re-engineered (blue printed:
every engine part measured, re-aligned, straigtened &
machined to fit with the lowest possible tolerances of free play).

Engine assembled with 90% fluid gasket material,
Special re machined S&S HVHP oil pump with 1.5 :1
ratio pump gear and longer flex free pump drive axle
with bearing in custom PTP pump cover.
Truett & Osborne flywheels, S&S/ PTP Supreme con rods,
restrictor free S&S crankshaft with Jims crank pin and
PTP custom con rod/crank pin bearings, Ross racing
pistons with twin cam wrist pins, Power Seal Nikasil cylinders.
Heads welded in PTP style bathtub combustion chamber
& Singh groove, Kibblewhite custom valves (smaller in, bigger out),
ported & flowed, PTP cam, Kibblewhite extra strong cylinder studs,
Crane needle bearing rocker rollers, Crane time savers,
NOS nitrous system, S&S Super E carb with Da Vinci atomizer,
pipes: PTP/ Supertrapp, primary: PTP/ Belt Drive LTD.
Fuel pump for NOS in primary, ART hydraulic clutchcover,
Barnett Scorpion clutch, Kick start only adapter for 5 speed,
oil tank: PTP, Gas tank: Super glide/ PTP, Fenders: polyester,
Electrical: PTP minimal, One off Fournales shocks,
NOS electrics in empty start motor, Saddle: PTP,
Goodridge oil cooler en brake/ oil lines, PM controls ,
many hand made brackets and engine parts.
85% of bike can be disassembled with a set of Allen key and a Bahco.
Bike is ridden daily.