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2 excellent bikes built by Eve from Southampton, UK:

The Springster started out as a sportster from which I used the engine (and original pipes, which had to be modified) the rest I sold on.As you can see the end result is not to much like a sportster (exactly what I wanted). It was built around a hardtail frame made at Planet Engineering using 11/4 inch tube. Both wheels all stainless, 120spoke 5 1/2 inch/16 with 230 tyre on the back & 80spoke 21inch on the front.The forks are harley springers with a lowering kit fitted (bringing the front down approx 11/2inches) to get the low look I wanted.A tolle brake & sprocket combination on the back, with the rest pretty much as you can see such as , fatbob tanks,internal throttle,one off forward controls,homemade seat etc.......... and so to the ride. Well as this was my first ever chop I had no idea what to expect,but I loved it, so much so, that my other bike sat in the garage collecting dust for a while. Anyway I rode the Springster for about 18 months before selling it as I then had my sights set on a big twin (Thats my son & granson pictured on the bike by the way) And so I set about building the FatGirl.

The FatGirl which has a much fatter look than the Springster was built around a Cobra Engineering frame using 11/2inch tube, again with the tolle brake & spocket, (all stainless both 120spoke wheels) 7 /15 with 230 tyre on the back, with the 5 /16 with 150 tyre front wheel just squeezing into the oringinal harley FL front end.Again an internal throttle,own seat,one off forward controls etc... but this time I decided on a sportster tank. I was really pleased with the end result of both bikes but I found the FatGirl much easier to ride,as the lowering kit on the springers made the forks very hard. I've already started collecting bits for my next project ( I have a trike in mind ) and I may even make a few changes to the FatGirl eventually, but for now I'll just get out there and ride.

Bye for now ...Eve.