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Brooks' Bobber

Mark, Here it is .
I borrowed a few ideas from your CAD bikes.
Check out the rear fender mount and the forward controls.
C J Brooks

Cooool! Any pics of the primary side? Cheers, Mark

Mark, Here is the primary side. Since the rear axle is fixed, we put a spring loaded take up wheel on the chain ( I think that I stole that off one of your CAD bikes too!) I tried to use a store bought one made for shovelheads but it was made to bolt onto the inner primary which I don"t have and the arm was too short so we just used the spring and roller and made our own.

We also made the jockey shift for the rotary top and the oil tank and... almost everything else. The front end is an old narrow glide shaved and shortened 2". The belt drive is a 2" wide Primo. The motor is a 74" nose cone. The heads are dual plugged, ported and polished. The pistons are 10.5:1.

The pipes are so short that we made the little brass venturis to give us a little back pressure and a lot more low and mid range. Anyway I guess that I should say thanks as your site gave me some ideas and inspiration to push my little "Bobber" a little past the average.