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Milwaukee Belle BMW





This cool BMW was built years ago by Fran-6 from Milwaukee Belle in France;
I asked hem to tell me a bit more about the bike, here is what he wrote:

Yes !
of course !!!! ( have a seat , please : coz about this scoot : i'm gonna write you a book ! :-)

this scoot was started from nothing .Cheap spare parts found or bought here and there .
i just wanted a Chopper for me , to drink a cool coffee at the next town or have a ride aroud the Ste Croix lake ... ( Gorges du Verdon / 04500 )

in facts :
i have kept only two small bits of the original BMW frame : the two lower sections with the hardware for the motor and stands mountings : all the rest : i have made by myself following a drawing ( attached pic )and my feeling of the moment .

the motor is a small 650 . i have installed bigger intakes pipes on the heads coz the original carbs were ugly .it looks better now with the bigger carbs ...
all the elecrical comps . are installed at the place of the starter .
head covers : total shaving ! cool résult , no?
air intake : hand made 60 Mms diameter with small air filter inside + water deflector .
exhaust pipes : hand-made 60 Mms diameter with good muffler inside ( hand-made too )
these exhaust pipes : i knew by advance they will be powder coated : so : i have built a "double-pipes" tubings ( inside the big one : there's a smaller ) to protect and save the powdercoating from burning .
gearbox : 5 speeds + kick
the small jockey-shifter ya can see on the left of the motor is directly connected to the foot-shifter .
really-really great to engage the first speed when your two feet are still on the ground , or , to come-back quickly to neutral when you want to stop quickly ....
battery : in the black box under the gearbox .
there's an other jockey-shifter at the rear left of the frame :
this one opérates the jiffy stand :-)



tyres : classic : 21" and 16" .Lacing ; myself
fork : 160 Mms extended . i believe it's from a police model ... can't remember .
the front fender is in facts a strong piece , keeping the two arms together .
headlamp : minimalist ( when comes the night : i sleep :-)
under the headlamp cover : you have :
The horn( from a small scooter ) .
front brake master-cylinder + lookheed cup
connecting hardware for the throttle cable ( Y )
ignition ( dax , Honda )

all élecrical wires + clutch cable + throttle cables passes in the frame tubings .

tank : startin' from an ol'sportster tank . new and deeper tunnelling + real stretch + original BMW gas inlet . the tank is directly welded on frame ( tanks bolts sucks !!! )
but there's a second one under the seat ! total contain of both : 7,5 liters ( Pheewww ! )
the upper and lower tanks are connected by a hose under the saddle .

frame , handlebars , rear fender etc : home-made . ( you know the story ;-)
molding me + a friend's help for the last finishing .

i have built this one as smooth as possible , shaving the more original fins i found ( even on the front hub ). all you see BLACK is powder-coated . all you see yellow is paint .

BIGGER PROBLEM with this Low-low-lowrider was the driving .
not handling !
foot controls ! rider's position ....
if you take a close look at the foot controls : you will see : ALL OPERATES WITH HEEL : speeds + rear braking .
for me the riding position was exactly what i wanted : kinda "jockey" sitting with arms straight foreward .
about the foot controls : once you entered this new operating mode in your head ( it's hard in the beginning ) there's absolutely no problem . i have made hundred kilometers without any problem !

the BMW motor was very funny to ride . i LOVED the way it whistle in the accélérating ( due to the intake pipes ) the scoot was glued on the road and it was easy lo ride without hands ... a real rail !
unfortunately : no angled tees ( original BMW tees ... no money for .... ) so : the handling was a bit heavy at the starting . but as you are at 10 Kms/H : no more problems .....

this scoot was Happiness...and Happiness...and Happiness again .
completely mad about shape and colors , absolutely NO noisy . nervous , speedy , easy handling , marvellous brakes ... always starting at the first kick .....
really : I have had other scoots , even harleys ...but the one i keep'on dreaming today is this one .

thanks for your time , Mark !
this really will be a GREAT victory for me if i see this one IN YOUR WEBSITE !!!!
the best christmas gift I ever had !