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When the fuel tank should be designed, I knew that I would like it to end at the seat, but I also knew that I wouldn't have a normally stretched, so I started sketching on a cardboard and when I was satisfied, I began with the tank half's. For the low and smooth crown I used only the English wheel, to making the low radius bend around the edge, I punched it over a peace of metal:


The rear fender I bought to fit a 200 rear tyre, and then modified it in length and finally I used my shrink/stretcher to get the diameter to fit as close as possible:


I had thought a lot about the paintjob and if it should have one or more colors, I searched the web for flame jobs and found some great sites, and decided that I would make a flame job on this bike, it took two whole evenings to pick three colors I had over a thousands metallic colors to choose between. I started of with my helmet just to try if it was hopeless or what… But it came out all right, so I decided to proceed:

I had an idea that handles, handlebar and ignition coil would look cool if they were painted, I think it really turned out all right:


I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my project, if you want you can put it on your site as it is or you can do it your way. I have made a folder on the cd with the original sized pictures, and some cad drawings. Sorry to see that Krüger didn't make it in top 3, so you could get to Vegas again, but 4'Th place is a great result. Keep up your good work on the site, it's nice to have a place to get some inspiration. Finally I'll show a picture of my first Harley, it's a 45" from 1942.


See you and please contact me if there are any questions.
Anders Eriksen, Denmark