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The Shoptruck (3 years later..)

After 3 years and a lot of kilometers of faithfull service, my Chevyvan failed the APK (yearly check, like MOT or TUV). The old girl had too much rust, so I decide to remove all the rusty bits and get a new paintjob. I started with the sliding door, so that if I screwed it up I could allways get another door to replace it.

First I replaced the midsection of the inner skin, leaving the ends in place for alignment. The ends needed to be improvised together from leftover pieces of steel.

The red coating on the inside is a rustconverting primer. The bottom and sides of the replacement panels fold around the inner skin. I punched holes in the edges every 20 mm, to be welded later.

I used panelclamps to align the old and new sheetmetal, started welding in the middle and worked to the sides. Then folded the edges of the new outer skin around the inner skin and plugwelded all the holes I had punched.

I used a piece of wood between the pliers and the outer skin when squeezing the fold flat, to avoid damaging the outer skin. To be continued