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  Homemade aluminum dash

May 2004:

I finally got around to getting my Edelbrock carb and manifold on the Dodge W200. I had to have an almost complete new propane installation fitted to feed the four barrel carb. Here in Holland we pay $6 for a gallon of fuel so lots of V8 fans have installed a propane system because that costs about $2 per gallon. I also had an Edelbrock cam installed, next step is installing headers, power steering and a liftkit. The power steering and liftkit I have had in my shed for a year, there just never seems to be time to install them...

  Homemade aluminum dash

July 2004:

I added headers with a balance pipe and Flowmasters for a nice rumbling sound and put in a new set of plugwires, next job will be adding powersteering (I already have most of the parts in the box...)