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Bought in August 1999
In August 1999 I bought this 1976 Ex-military Dodge W200,
it has a 318 cubic inch V8 (5.2 liter) with a small 2-barrel carb.
It has a Torqueflite 727 3-speed automatic transmission,
NP203 transfer case and permanent 4 wheel drive

One of the rear wheels fell off after 200 Miles.....
Repainted  in grey primer
Like a lot of Dutch V8's this car runs on propane (3 times cheaper than
gasoline). Because it is older than 25 years I don't have to pay roadtaxes
and insurance for an oltimer is also very cheap.

First I painted it in grey primer and added new wheels and tires,
also I replaced the brakeshoes and brakepads while I was at it.