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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike # 46, Swingin' Knuckle

A knucklehead motor in a 4-speed swingarm frame, one-off hubs & frontbrake, springer forks, modified tank etcetera

Cadbike # 47, the PUSHER

3 S&S X-Wedge engines behind
a fearless pilot, 2 wheels on the front, 1 in the back, bubbletop, turbochargers and more madness..

Cadbike #48, XS 650 Digger

A long, low and narrow digger,
first Cadbike to be based on a
Japanese engine. Why not?


Cadbike # 49, Aad's Triumph

The most recent bike that
we built in real life!
Now updating the CAD version
to match the real thing again

Cadbike # 50

Wishbone frame with castings,
and a knucklehead motor, in
traditional styling with a few
little Duckman touches.