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All the Cadbikes on this page were made by me,
Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak,

Cadbike # 36, Cafe Racer

A twincam built to handle! Telelever front suspension, Garrett turbo and ofcourse Britsh Racing Green.......

Cadbike # 37, Doncella Delgado

The thin girl.....

Cadbike # 38, Twincam B

The first Cadbike with a Twincam B powerplant

Cadbike # 39, the Harton

A Harley engine in a Norton Featherbed styled frame.

Cadbike # 40, Shovel/knuckle

A Shovelhead lower end and a knucklehead top end in a frame made of tapered tubing.